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Removing Racist Language in Property Deeds | Linn County

One of the goals of the NAACP is to eliminate racial prejudice and to remove all barriers of discrimination. To this end, our branch encourages the City of Albany to help guide their residents on how to remove race restrictions from their property deeds and covenants, conditions, and restriction documents (CCRs). 

People who own residential property built before 1968 are likely to find exclusionary language in their CCRs when they research their property records. Many are surprised by this fact and are eager to have the language removed. A first step for removal is for the homeowner to request that the County Court remove this language from their property records through a process that can be confusing and a bit overwhelming for some. 

When communities provide website information guides for homeowners it helps them better navigate this step-by-step process. Members of the Housing Committee have approached the City of Albany and asked them to develop such a website. Next we need Linn County’s support to work with the City of Albany. 

This is to ask all residents of Linn County who are members of this Branch to contact their county commissioners and request support for removal of racists CCR’s. (NOTE: Linn County commissioners are more likely to take action from Linn County voters, vs. members living in Benton County.) 

Housing Committee members are willing to work with volunteer(s) to bring them up to speed on the topic. They can help you get started and provide support along the way. Below are several examples websites for you to review and promote.


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